Thursday, November 21, 2019

Discuss in scholarly detail ways that building intra-organization Essay

Discuss in scholarly detail ways that building intra-organization cooperation between information systems personnel and line managers improve the information systems - Essay Example ferent managers perceive the environment differently.† Information system personnel can evaluate and ratify several technical aspects of ISs but the line managers can provide them important operational insights into these systems because of their firsthand practical experience. Line managers that interact with information systems can reflect the limitations and weaknesses observed in the system and this feedback can play a vital role in important modifications. Zientara (n.d., p.4) declares the â€Å"Line managers continual dissatisfaction with the quality of information systems services† as the failure of information systems. The growth and advancement of distributed information systems has also instigated the need of intra-organization cooperation because consolidation of information received from various modules of the information system can be used to further improve the system. Eduardo states, â€Å"A new purpose of the informal distributed information systems for innovation that arise from the interaction of the accumulated stock of knowledge emerging at the individual (micro) level.† It can be safely deduce that the information accumulated by the line managers can provide a useful insight into the information systems for further

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