Sunday, February 9, 2020

Interracial Marriage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Interracial Marriage - Essay Example As such, religiously, some groups approve of interracial marriages, where they concern themselves with acceptance and their conception of divinity and spiritual leaders. In reference to this issue of religion, certain groups encourage interracial marriages as they are viewed as propagation of the world’s population, which can be found in the bible (Christian Answers, n.d.). Other religions, however, are against these marriages as they are viewed to be in contradiction of the pure religious bred of believers or of a spiritual group. This is because the group is fully dedicated to purity and restricts its members to people of a certain color only, thus seeing excommunicating people who breach their regulations. In relation to the overall benefits and disadvantages of interracial marriages, a lot can be said, or even deduced, where these two aspects of interracial marriages cover a large scope. Following the merits, interracial marriages see personal growth in both parties involved and even their close associates, as it offers a unique environment. In this environment, one gets to comprehend the challenges that a spouse faces in an attempt to fit into a new culture, and due to racial differences (Landry, 2009). This is in relation to feeling left out, which allows spouses to develop a new level of racial empathy and acceptance, as well as identity for difficult situations. Consequently, spouses also learn the concept of dispelling stereotypes against the other race as one gets to know the spouse. This can be seen in cases where there are misconceptions about other races, and these can easily be eradicated by interracial marriages as they give room for interaction. This also means that inter racial marriages create a crucial opportunity to end social segregation as all parties and their misconception of one another can be dispelled, and acceptance

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